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The Salar de Uyuni in flood creates the perfect conditions for m

April 16, 2012 Dear Sergio, Our experience in the Bolivian Altiplano really did exceed our expectations, and we have you to thank. We truly appreciate your experience, professionalism and friendship. You set up so many photo opportunities for us to supplement the natural wonders of the country. We enclose a modest token of our appreciation, and wish you every future success & happiness.

~ Anne & David

Fairfax, VA

(Custom Trip: A private photographic tour of the Altiplano for 16 days)


Hi Sergio, We were just looking at photos from our wonderful trip to Bolivia and I wanted to thank you again for putting such a great trip together for us! Feel free to use me as a reference anytime! Thanks again!

~Cindy P.

Boulder, Colorado

(Custom Trip: A custom-designed family trip to Lake Titicaca and the Island of the Sun)


Hola Sergio! Thank you for the trip arrangements for our trips to Huyana Potosi and Illimani in August. Everything went very smoothly and your staff was excellent!

~Juhana S.

Helsinki, Finland

(Custom Trip: A film about climbing the Cordillera Real)

Mt. Huayna Potosi (19,975') dwarfs trekkers heading south from Condoriri to Botijlaka in Bolivia's Cordillera Real of the Andes.

Hola Sergio, Just wanted you to know how much Jack, Don and I enjoyed the trip you planned for us. Your people were great to us. Please use me as a reference if you need to in the future.

~Jim R.

Birmingham, Alabama

(Custom Trip: Trekking and Fishing for Peacock Bass)

The Cordillera Real and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

Dear Sergio: The whole thing was great! The best were certainly Jose, Xavier and Arles. They made a great team and our group appreciated them tremendously. The weather actually was perfect since it was gorgeous when it mattered and the little rain we got simply added a little spice to the proceedings. So congratulations to your organization.

~Francesco P.

Munich, Germany

(5-day Sea Kayak trip around Island of the Sun)

Travelers driver over a flooded salt flat

Sergio: Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!! for such a great trip across the Altiplano and beyond. It was everything we had hoped for and I can’t think of a thing we missed, other than perhaps temperatures that were a wee bit warmer…we got a lot of laughs out of it and great stories to tell our “we only travel to Hawaii” co-workers. Roberto was a delightful guide full of insight and funny jokes. And he was endlessly patient, particularly of my slow learning of Spanish. Of all the places we were and everything we did, I think I like Bolivia the best. It’s a very seductive country … astoundingly raw and wild scenery with astoundingly friendly and honest people. It was a treat to see so much of it and interact with so many people, yet I feel like I barely scratched the surface. Hopefully, there’s another trip in my near future and definitely one in the next year or so. Jungle? Yungas? Dinosaurs? Who knows, but I’ll definitely be back. Again, thanks soooooo much — it was a great adventure!

~Jan D.

Denver, Colorado

(Custom Trip: A four-wheel drive overland journey)

A high-altitude bog lies at 15,750'/4,800m and is across the way from Mt. Sunchuli  (17,200'/5,300m) and reflects the peaks of the Apolobamba Range in Bolivia during winter.

Sergio, Thank you so much for all that you did in setting up a great trip for the four of us. It was outstanding in all ways. Javier was an extremely thoughtful, interesting, helpful, and competent guide. Arles was a super cook, and a really nice guy to have around. Oscar was an excellent and safe driver. If you ever need an endorsement for this trip, feel perfectly free to have people call me. Thanks again for everything.

~Mike D.

Seattle, Washington

(Custom Trip: Sea Kayak & Apolobamba Trek)

 The deep valleys and high-altitude puna are typical of the southern Apolobamba Range in Bolivia.

Hola Sergio, I just want to second everything Mike wrote to you. Our trip was fabulous, couldn’t have enjoyed it more! The warm-up of sea kayaking was terrific and the trek was all we had hoped for. Even the long drives were interesting… As Mike said you can use me for recommendations. Thanks for everything!

~Margo D.

Mill Valley, California

(Custom Trip: Sea Kayak & Apolobamba Trek)

Tourists and guides travel via canoe along the edges of Chalalan

Sergio, Stephen and I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help in planning our trip to Bolivia. We had a fabulous time! The highlight of our trip was Chalalan Lodge. What a magical place. Alejandro was our guide who added a lot to our overall experience. We loved the rainforest, the food was wonderful, canoeing on the lake was great. La Paz was such an interesting city. We went all over the city, exploring the markets and downtown. Hotel Oberland was very charming and your friend was a terrific host. All the flights and connections worked out perfectly and we were actually able to fit in that side trip to Peru to see Cusco and Machu Picchu. Anyway, we are again grateful for all your help…We are now ready for more intense outdoor activities. Thanks again!

~Diana & Stephen

San Francisco, California

(Custom Trip: Madidi National Park and Peru extension)

A neo-tropical Cormorant (Phalacrocorax brasilianus) perches on

Sergio, I can’t believe I’m back in L.A. and have come full circle. Bolivia was greater than anything I could have imagined. I applaud you and your team for a job well done. It was an incredible experience. Thank you!

~Priscilla P.

Los Angeles, California

(Custom Trip: Woman-only group for The Andean & Amazon Sampler)


Sergio, We just viewed a bit of our movies – the Salar, Isla Pescado and the sunset – MUCH FUN! An excellent trip – I’d love to return to see more and do more – a very unique country with tremendous opportunity! Hope to talk to you soon!

~Nicholas P.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

(Custom Trip: Four-wheel drive tour of the Altiplano and valleys)